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Build an amazing outsourced team to scale your business starting at $9/hr.

Our all-in-one concierge service helps high growth businesses, teams and freelancers scale their business by finding, hiring and managing world-class overseas talent.

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Are you struggling to meet the demand of your growing business and need more output?

Are you wearing multiple hats and feeling overwhelmed with too many responsibilities?

Are you compromising valuable time you could be spending with your family because you're spending too much time working?

Does running your business feel like you're constantly bailing water out of a sinking boat?

Are you tired of being ghosted or held hostage by freelancers that lack integrity?

Are you struggling to grow your business because you spend too much time working in the business and not enough time on it?

Are you spending countless hours scouring online job boards and conducting endless interviews searching for the right talent with limited success?

Hire a dedicated outsourced team member for a fraction of what it costs to hire someone in-house.

We’ve successfully placed candidates in many roles for small to large companies:

Graphic Designers

Video and Multimedia Editors

Copywriters and Content Writers

Social Media Managers

Customer Service

Skilled Technical Specialists

Data Entry

Personal Assistants

And More

Benefits of hiring outsourced employees

Get more done

The cost savings with outsourced employees are substantial. On average, clients can hire 3 outsourced employees for the price of 1 employee in the US. Instead of a sole employee, now you’ve got an entire team to help you blast through bottlenecks, get more done and reach your goals even faster. 

Save more money

At Everwork, you pay one low-flat monthly fee which you can deduct when filing your taxes. You’re not responsible for paying their employment taxes, health insurance or retirement benefits. If your Everworker doesn’t work out, we can easily replace them with someone who’s a better fit for you without the risk of paying unemployment or messy lawsuits.

Reclaim your time

Unlike money, you can’t make more time. Once you’ve spent it, it’s gone forever. Time is the most precious commodity we have. Now that you’ve got an entire team supporting your business, you can reclaim more of your precious time back to spend it on things that matter to you most.

Why Clients Choose Everwork

  • In-Office Employees – Remote setups can sometimes result in productivity lags and time theft. At Everwork, our employees operate from our office, overseen by on-site supervisors. This structure leads to a striking 300% average increase in productivity.
  • US Business Hours –  Everwork’s virtual assistants are attuned to US time zones, allowing you to connect in real-time and eliminating the hassle of 24-hour delays.
  • Fluent in English –  Every member of our team is proficient in English, ensuring clarity in communication, reduced misunderstandings, and enhanced output.

The Average Cost Of
A Full-Time U.S. Based Designer

Total Expense to the employer

$79,604.50 ($6,633.71/mo)

That’s a total savings of $4,133.71 (62.31%)

Hire an Everworker starting at only


How Everwork Works

Get Started

We’ll meet with you to learn more about your business, help you identify your existing personnel needs, what specific skills you are looking for and your company’s values. We then draft up the perfect job description and begin our search for the perfect candidate.


Our recruiters begin sourcing candidates through strategic partnerships with prestigious universities, job boards, LinkedIn and our own Databases to find and select high quality candidates based on your criteria.


We screen resumes using our proprietary scoring process and subject candidates to skill-based tests and personality assessments to filter out candidates that don’t meet our high standards.


Once we’ve narrowed down our search to the top contenders, we then interview each one to determine whether or not their skills and experience are right for the role. We also assess whether their values are aligned with yours to determine whether or not they would be a good cultural fit.


After we conduct our initial round of interviews, we make a decision on which candidate we feel is the best fit for the role and your company and present you with a match. You get the first right of refusal. If you determine they aren’t a good fit, we will present you with another match. Once you’ve had time to review and approve the candidate, we offer them the job.

Amazing talent at your fingertips.

“Just wanted to say that the editor you set us up with is crushing it!  He’s getting stuff turned around quickly, and the ads are performing well for us.”

Jason Stogsdill

Head of Traffic, Grant Cardone

Hire your next virtual assistant

for just $9/hr!

Have questions? Schedule a hassle-free consultation with an Everwork recruiter today.